StudyMode: Innovating Listening to Enhance Learning

ONANOFF is the first to produce kids headphones with StudyMode- an innovative way to enhance learning by making vocals crisp and clear.


Technology in the Classroom

It used to be the case that technology in the classroom was measured simply by how many students had access to devices like computers or tablets. Nowadays, in many countries, it has become expected that teachers will incorporate technology into their teaching practises, giving all students some level of interaction with smart devices. The benchmark is no longer if technology is present, but how good the technology is at enhancing learning.

Enhancing Learning

Just as teachers require innovation in how they teach, ONANOFF is taking up the charge to innovate how children learn. It’s important for kids to be able to listen safely by not just limiting volume levels, but by also minimizing audio interference that can be distracting. That’s why ONANOFF is proud to be the first to produce kids headphones with StudyMode- our unique listening setting that optimises vocal clarity and enhances speech. This innovative technology has never been introduced in kids headphones before.

How It Works

StudyMode utilises proprietary technology that cuts out low frequency and some specific high frequencies to isolate the vocal levels. This allows the spoken word to be heard without unnecessary interference. Capped at 94 decibels, this mode is engineered to offer clearer, crisper vocals to help kids stay focused when studying, watching educational videos or streaming lectures. This setting is ideal for when kids are studying new languages or when they need to listen attentively to speech.

We’re not just keeping kids ears safe, we’re giving them the technology they need to learn better and perform at their best.

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