It's Not Too Late to Save Your Hearing

Have you taught your kids how to be safe listeners?


Hearing loss is irreversible, but also preventable.

With the increased use of electronics in daily life, 1 in 8 kids already suffer from noise-induced hearing loss and another 1.1 billion kids are at risk, according to the World Health Organization. Those are some pretty shocking statistics and ones you don’t hear very much about. Why aren’t we more worried about a noise-induced hearing loss epidemic? For one thing, although hearing loss is irreversible, it is preventable. If we teach kids early on how to protect their ears, it’s an epidemic that might never need to happen. It’s on us to stop it in its track by talking about the risks of hearing loss and the simple ways it can be prevented.

Here are some easy ways that kids can learn to protect their hearing:

Keep the volume down

12.5% of kids have hearing damage caused by listening to their devices at a volume that is too loud for them. Remember, 85db is the recommended level for safe listening. A good pair of volume-limiting headphones can do all the work of monitoring volume for you, check out the full range of BuddyPhones here.



Do your kids use volume-limiting headphones?

Move away from the noise

There’s something powerful about loud sounds and noises, but it doesn’t take long at all for them to permanently damage hearing. Teach your kids that they should move away from loud sounds, like at concerts or near construction sites.

Plug your ears

It’s not always possible to avoid or move away from loud noises. In these cases, plugging or covering your ears offers the protection they need. If you are going to be exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods of time, definitely wear earplugs or earmuffs, even if it seems “uncool”.

Follow the 60/60 Rule

Some doctors encourage the 60/60 Rule, which means listening at 60% of the volume for no more than 60 minutes. Another good habit is limiting the amount of time that kids spend on their devices. If they’ve had a busy day of Angry Birds, make sure they give their ears time to rest and recover.

Avoid cotton buds

A small amount of earwax is common, and even healthy! While we once thought using a Q-Tip to swab our ears was just another part of a cleaning routine, now we know that it can cause unnecessary harm to our inner ears (and the environment). Ear wax actually protects our ears from things like dust. It’s best to use alternative methods to clean your ears.

 Stay active!

Regular exercise is a great way to keep your whole body in good shape, including your ears. A quick bit of cardio like running, skating, swimming or cycling gets the blood pumping and keeps your insides healthy. It’s also a fun way to give your ears and break and go outside!


Safe listening habits can last a lifetime.

Teach your kids about protecting their ears early on and they’ll be equipped with safe listening habits for life! Don't wait, #saveyourhearing today.

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