How To Pick the Right Kids Headphones for School

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With more STEM and 1-to-1 technology programs in schools, we’re getting used to seeing headphones on the back-to-school supplies list. Teachers are increasingly utilising technology in the classroom to diversify learning experiences and provide positive exposure to electronics, making it necessary for kids to have their own pair of headphones.

It might seem like a good opportunity to reuse an old pair of mom or dad’s headphones, but there are big risks in doing this- mostly in regards to hearing safety. Quality kids headphones might cost more than pencils and a new lunchbox, but with the right guidance, they’re an investment worth making.

Not All Kids Headphones are Created Equal

But how can you be sure you’re making the right investment? There’s no shortage of kids headphones to choose from, which makes picking the right pair tricky. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, there are certain factors to use as a benchmark to separate the worthwhile products from the gimmicks. At BuddyPhones, we devote all of our research, development and design to meeting kids’ actual listening needs to create safe audio products that are fun for kids to use.

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Remember, just going for the cheapest option may not save you money in the long run if they break easily or even worse, aren’t safe for your kids. Here’s a checklist of important things to consider when buying kids headphones:


Child Safe:
Are the headphones safe for children and their classmates?
⳥ Volume-limiting SafeAudio to protect hearing
⳥ Non-toxic, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic materials
⳥ Easy to clean and disinfect

Will the headphones last the school year, and hopefully longer?
⳥ Strong cables (these are often the first part to break)
⳥ Flexible headband that won’t bend and break
⳥ Reinforced steel-tipped audio jack

What features make them fun and easy to use?
⳥ Sharing capabilities to plug multiple headphones into 1 device
⳥ Foldable and can be stored away in a bag
⳥ Attractive designs and colors (and customisable stickers?) 

Should I save money now and just buy the cheapest headphones?
⳥ Several models at different price points depending on age or needs
⳥ Great value for money, without being the most expensive

Bonus Features: 
What extra features add value?
⳥ Wireless Bluetooth connectivity (no pesky wires!)
⳥ Are they designed to help your child focus and learn more effectively?
⳥ Good customer service for replacements and technical difficulties

Run through this checklist before you put any money down on certain headphones. Still overwhelmed and want a good place to start? Check out for a wide-range of headphones designed exclusively with kids listening needs in mind.

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