BuddyPhones WAVE Wins Distinguished A' Design Award

buddyphones wave design award

It was just announced in April that our BuddyPhones WAVE wireless kids headphones won the renowned A' Design Award in the Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Category.

The BuddyPhones WAVE was selected as an A' Design Award winner from a great number of nominations by transnational judges. Only the top 20% percent of designs that exhibit an exemplary level of originality in design are considered for awards. Entries are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by an expert jury panel of prominent academics, important press members and established professionals.

buddyphones wave design award
Being waterproof means you can even listen to music during bath time.

There are several reasons the designs for the BuddyPhones WAVE stood out to the judges. The BuddyPhones WAVE is the world’s first waterproof and wireless volume-limiting kids headphones. Instead of just one setting that caps volume, the WAVE offers four distinct listening settings that can be changed according to age or surroundings: Toddler Mode (75dB), Kids Mode (85dB), Travel Mode (94dB) and Study Mode. Study Mode is introduced as a pioneering setting that optimizes vocals to help kids focus when learning and enhances speech for stronger communication and language development.


buddyphones wave design award
StudyMode is a brand new listening setting that helps kids learn better by enhancing vocals and making speech clean and crisp.

We’re proud to add this award for the WAVE to the list of our other headphones that were also awarded with this prestigious accolade. Both the BuddyPhones InFlight and BuddyPhones Explore have previously been granted the coveted A’Design Awards in past years.

This shows that as children's needs, technology, and the world around us continues to change, our kids headphones designs are still the safest and toughest sound solutions to protect their hearing, while still being fun to use.


buddyphones wave design award milk
No need to cry over spilled milk, or wet headphones, with the BuddyPhones WAVE!
We’re proud of our whole team that made this award possible, especially our design team that works so hard to constantly improve our headphones. A big thank you to the parents and kids who buy, use and love our BuddyPhones. This award only serves to reaffirm our mission to protect kids ears. Thanks for your support!

-Team Onanoff

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