How to Pick the Best Kids Headphones For Home Learning

2 Kids Learning at Home
Families all over the world are navigating how to learn from home.

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces schools to close, students are moving from the classroom to learning online at home. Needless to say, safety is on everyone’s mind. But how safe is it for kids to be learning and listening online for several hours a week?

The World Health Organization says 1.1 billion young people are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), just from using devices too loud. That’s insane!

How can you protect your kids from the threat of hearing loss while they study from home?

The simple answer: get them volume-limiting kids headphones.

Kids Headphones Laying on the Table
A great pair of kids headphones can be a lifesaver.

You might be thinking, ‘I’ll just let my kids listen without headphones’. That will work sometimes, but life gets noisy! 

You might have other kids at home, loud neighbors, or need to watch them while you work. Getting your report done with ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ blasting on repeat in the background? Good luck.

There are times when a pair of kids headphones will be a lifesaver. 

So what’s important to consider when choosing kids headphones that are perfect for listening to online educational resources

Educational Kids Headphones on Sale

Why It’s Risky to Just Get the Cheapest Kids Headphones 

You might be tempted to jump on Amazon and get a cheap pair of headphones, they’re just for kids anyway right? 

What’s wrong with cheaply-made kids headphones:

  1. They won’t last long
  2. They probably didn't pass safety certifications
  3. They won't have special features to help kids listen and learn

It makes sense to invest a little more into a pair of kids headphones that will last longer, and most importantly, be safe to use. 

At the very least, kids headphones should be:

  1. Volume-limiting to protect kids hearing
  2. Certified safe by global testing labs
  3. Super durable and foldable
  4. Comfortable for frequent use

Boy Studying at Home with Kids Headphones
Not all kids headphones are created equal. Look for the best!

Important Features to Look for in Kids Headphones

If you think your kids deserve headphones that go above and beyond the basics, BuddyPhones come with features you won’t find on any other kids headphones.

Multiple Listening Settings

Most kids headphones these days are volume-limiting, meaning they cap the volume at 85dB as recommended by the World Health Organization. But it’s not enough anymore to just have one volume setting. 

Mom Changes the Listening Setting On Kids Headphones
Certain situations, like traveling, require a slightly higher volume limit.

Parents need the option to change the limits depending on their kid’s unique listening needs.

BuddyPhones are the only headphones with multiple listening settings- Toddler Mode, Kids Mode, Travel Mode, and StudyMode. These settings give parents the option to set the limit for their kids based on how old they are, where they are listening, or what they are listening to. 

StudyMode - A Setting that Helps Kids Focus

A nice full bass sound is great for listening to music, but it can quickly be distracting and exhausting for your ears when listening to spoken audio content like tutorials or lessons. 

Mom helping her son to learn online
StudyMode helps kids taking online lessons by enhancing vocals.

BuddyPhones have a unique setting called StudyMode that eliminates distracting bass sounds and enhances voices and spoken content. 

Students taking virtual classes or learning online can benefit greatly from using StudyMode to help them hear better and focus on what matters.

Stackable BuddyJack Lets Several Kids Share 1 Device

One of the most popular features with parents is our patented stackable audio jack that’s built-in to the cable. This lets several kids share one device. 

In other words, you don’t have to give each kid a tablet!

Kids Sharing a Table with Headphones
Sharing is caring, that goes for tablets too!

This is a game-changer, especially considering it’s not always possible to have a separate device for each kid. They can share while listening to online educational resources

Other things to consider before buying:

  1. Does the headband fold for extra durability?
  2. Do the headphones come with a bag or hard case?
  3. Is there a microphone?

Hopefully this helps you know what to look for next time you shop! 

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