How we built it

Strong & Sturdy Materials

Tailor made for long days of eager playing, BuddyPhones are made from durable, robust materials. While the housing is made from ABS, the headband made of our specially calibrated polyproplene so they can be bent and pulled in every direction, and are less likely to snap if they are dropped or twisted. They are soft and flexible to withstand pulling yet sturdy enough to hold their shape. A detachable cable is introduced to minimize choking and entanglement risk as it plugs out of the headphones if pulled. The compact design fits conveniently into small handbags and carry-ons for traveling and are easy to travel with. Design features such as flexible arms that are less likely to snap, a flat, detached cable to prevent tangling when thrown into a backpack and designed to be safe for a child when draped around their neck, make them a terrific travel companion


Oh So Comfy

All safety features aside, BuddyPhones are as cute and as comfortable as they are practical. They come in six different crowd-pleasing colours, complete with stickers to customise, and are plushly padded with synthetic leather cushions and extendable sides that are designed to fit the arch of your child’s head comfortably, meaning no complaining throughout their favourite film. So if you’re looking to give your kids the freedom to develop their own musical taste without fear of ringing ears, snap up a pair of BuddyPhones and let the music play.

Design Your Own

All BuddyPhones come with five sets of fun, colorful stickers as well as blank ones, allowing kids to get creative and design their own. As BuddyPhones are endlessly customisable with the included stickers, your kids won’t tire of their headphones as they might with other gadgets, meaning they’re more likely to see regular usage.