World Wide Hearing Heroes

To continue our exploration of hearing health for National Protect Your Hearing Month, we looked into organizations that find innovative solutions to the global hearing loss epidemic.

In our search, we came across World Wide Hearing (WWH), an organization that addresses the issue of hearing loss at its root.

hearing test for young girl

“Enabling children to connect to their world through better hearing. Empowering women to better their communities.”

While many charitable organizations only focus on providing items like hearing aids to developing countries in need, World Wide Hearing has created a comprehensive method to combat hearing loss in different phases. This means empowering communities by educating, treating, training and supporting them with lifelong solutions.

Here is the World Wide Hearing approach:

  1. Send teams that use a revolutionary mobile app to help diagnose hearing loss
  2. Train locals in a 5-week course to provide support and fit hearing aids
  3. Provide and fit brand new hearing aids
  4. Research the impact of improved hearing in developing nations
  5. Partner with hearing technology experts to develop innovative tools
  6. Build a Global Hearing Loss Database (GHLD)

World Wide Hearing Approach

Before the organization even launched, they spent 6 years deliberating with the UN World Health Organization identifying the best approach to combating hearing loss on a global level in a sustainable way. They also garnered support to create a WHO-compliant hearing health app that revolutionizes how quickly and accurately people in developing nations can be diagnosed with hearing loss. This level of commitment shows a dedication not only to addressing hearing health, but also to holistically benefitting the communities they work with.

“$750 billion is the annual total cost to the global economy caused by untreated hearing loss."

Visit their website to find out more about this great organization or make a donation, all money received goes directly to their programs and for only $100USD you can provide a brand new hearing aid and change someone’s life.

BuddyPhones award-winning kids headphones are also part of the solution. By providing volume-limiting safe audio for kids, we protect young ears from life-long damage and teach them from a young age to protect their hearing.

Stay tuned for how we’re partnering with World Wide Hearing next year!

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