A mother is like a flower; each one is beautiful and unique. Today is the day to tell your mother just how much you appreciate her. From tending to and caring for even the smallest of scrapes to magically knowing the perfect cure for everything, mothers are there for their children every step of the way. Taking care of their little ones, mothers are a magical key to everyone’s childhood, success, and who they have become as a person. While everyone should treat his or her mother special everyday, Mother’s Day is the one-day of the year to go above and beyond to show what she means to you. Little tokens of appreciation go just as far as the grandest of gestures. Mother’s Day should be about her, the key here is to think of what brings a smile to her face and shower her with whatever that may be. To help you along, here are a few ideas how you can show your mother how special she is to you: 

  1. Cook her breakfast in bed! Star her morning off right and whip up mom’s favorite breakfast before she even has a chance to get up. A nicely laid out breakfast tray filled with her favorite things will surely bring a smile to her face. Decorate the tray with a nice tea towel and some fresh flowers. 
  2. Flowers are sure to bring a smile to almost every mother’s face. Surprise your mom with a lovely bouquet bursting with her favorite blooms. If you’re an early bird, you can pop down to your local flower market to get a big bundle of flowers for less than what you have to shell out at a fancy flower store.
  3. Take your mom out for a nice lunch, or better yet an afternoon tea. A traditional English afternoon tea will offer a three-tiered tray filled with finger sandwiches, scones, cream, jam as well as sweet pastries and cakes to finish. If she doesn’t go often for an afternoon tea, it will make the occasion extra-special, creating a lovely afternoon.
  4. Pull out the markers and paper and make your mom an old-fashioned homemade card. A cute idea is including the top ten reasons why you love and appreciate her, ensuring a smile and perhaps even some tears of joy.
  5. Celebrate your mother with a thoughtful gift. To celebrate this special day we’re offering 10% off all BuddyPhones and onanoff products as well as a whooping 50% off all Amber Lu products. Use discount code MOTHER2017 when checking out, it’s valid until May 20th.

Whatever you decide on to make your Mother’s Day special, just remember the simple act of being grateful for her and all that she does, is the best way to show your mom just how much you love and appreciate her.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone and thank you mothers for all that you do!

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