Toughen Up: The Case for Robust Kids’ Products

By Kate Farr

Anyone with young kids will tell you that the little darlings’ developing motor skills coupled with a tendency to play rough can add up to endless trips to the bin with what were once much-loved toys. By that logic, it may seem sensible to opt for cheaper products since you’ll most likely have to buy a replacement every few months anyway. But this can often be a false economy – financially, in terms of safety and for the environment.

Take product safety, for example. Fragile electronics are extremely dangerous for children who may not appreciate the potential hazards of frayed or exposed wires, loose screws or sharp edges. Toddlers, in particular, have a disconcerting habit of putting everything in their mouths, which can be frankly terrifying for any parent discovering their little cherub chewing on a battery. Spending a little more on something a little more durable can take away some of this worry and allow you to give your child a little more freedom.

Buying quality also typically means buying once. This is a great cost benefit to parents as, when it comes down to it, a durable product means less time spent reaching for your wallet to shell out for replacement products. Even if the original purchase is a little more than you’d usually spend, it’s usually an investment, as you’ll earn back this value in extended use.

Which brings us to the larger perspective. Well-made products are far more environmentally friendly as their increased duration makes for less waste. According to the United Nations University, 92 billion pounds of electronics were discarded globally in 2014 alone. In a time of deteriorating climate conditions and global warming, innovators are now pooling resources to create the most sustainable products possible. One of the most environmentally beneficial acts that we as consumers can undertake is to prolong each product’s lifespan instead of throwing it away and purchasing a new item every couple of months.

BuddyPhones tick all three of these boxes, predominantly as they are built with both children’s needs and their parents’ in mind. Small touches such as flexible arms that are less likely to snap the headphones are sat on or dropped; a cable measured to an appropriate length to prevent tangling when thrown into a backpack and designed to be safe for a child when draped around their neck. And with BuddyPhones being endlessly customisable with the included stickers, your kids won’t may tire of their headphones as their might with other gadgets, meaning they’re more likely to see regular usage.

A safe, fun product that saves parents cash and helps to protect the environment? That’s what we call a win-win!

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