Halloween Fun For Kids

October means autumn is in full swing with fall leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin patches, and of course, all things Halloween. It’s an exciting time of year and brings out some awesome activities to do with the kids. Get in the Halloween spirit with these 5 fun Halloween activities we’ve tried and tested and highly recommend for a fun time with the family this Halloween weekend.


    1. Melted Crayon Pumpkin - for this one you’ll need a white pumpkin, Crayola crayons, clear tacky glue and a blow dryer. Peel the paper from your crayons and glue them on top of the pumpkin. Blast the crayons with the blow dryer set to the warmest setting and watch the crayons melt down the pumpkin, just make sure you protect the table with a drop cloth as the crayons might splash. Images courtesy of momspark.net

    2. Monster Pancakes – This is the perfect Halloween breakfast! You’ll need Buttermilk Pancake Recipe, purple, green and orange food coloring, candy eyes, and maple syrup. Divide the pancake batter into three bowls, use food coloring to color each batter, purple, green and orange. Cook the pancakes, stack them, pour over syrup and top with candy eyes. images courtesy of mynameissnickerdoodle.com

    3. Crawling Spider Soda – This delightful scary drink is extremely easy to make. Freeze rubber spiders in ice cube trays filled with orange juice. When the cubes are frozen fill each drink cup with ice cubes and 7-up, opt for Cherry 7-Up for a bloody effect. Image courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com

    4. Slimy Eyes Sensory Bag – put hair gel and food coloring in a sturdy freezer Ziploc bag. Add monster features, such as googly eyes or spiders in the bag for some sensory exploration. Seal your bag and tape the ends to prevent leaks. The kids will love it! Image courtesy of plainvanillamom.com

    5. Jack O’Lantern Stress Balls – These Halloween calm down balls are great for both kids and adults. They are easy to make for controlling stress, anxiety and emotions. All you’ll need are orange colored balloons, a funnel and cornstarch or dried beans. To make the stress balls first you need to blow up a balloon and hold it for 30 seconds, this will help pre-stretch the balloon before you fill it. You can use a funnel to fill the balloon up with cornstarch but you can also use an extra set of hands to stretch the top of the balloon to fill with materials like dried beans or corn kernels. It takes a bit of work to fill the balloons so be patient. Finally, use a permanent marker to give your Halloween themed stress balls Jack O’Lantern faces. Image courtesy of littlebinsforlittlehands.com

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